Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Visa Has Come Through!

Photo: Life in Oz
After months of hardwork and patience awaiting my Partner Visa, it has finally come through! We got word from our immigration officer 3 Monday's ago notifying me that I would need to leave the country in order for it to be processed. Knowing the wedding was coming up fast we needed to make a quick decision, so two days after we received the email from Ottawa we booked my flight to Buffalo and I left the following Saturday!

We had been thinking about where we would fly to for a while --- Fiji, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand crossed our minds. But my loving and understanding husband, knowing how much I missed my family, friends and my hometown, and not knowing when we'd be able to come back to Canada to visit, decided it was best for me to fly back home.

We decided to make this trip a complete surprise, I had only told a few friends from out of town about it and my trusty friend Shawn who I had called to pick me up from the airport! It couldn't have worked out more perfectly!

I left Melbourne on Saturday October 22 at noon and arrived in Buffalo the same day at 9:30pm. It just so happened to be my mom's 50th birthday that night and we arrived in St. Cath at around 11pm. A few hours prior, Damien had texted my mom saying Happy Birthday and that we'd be calling around 11pm. I didn't even tell him to do that, the genius thought of it himself! He is just as sneaky as I am ;)

I have surprised my parents before, but nothing compared to this surprise! My sister happened to surprise them by coming down for the weekend from Toronto, when originally she had to work, so I surprised her right back! I wish we had a camera to capture my family's faces -- it was utterly priceless and I am so lucky to have had that moment! It was worth the 27 hour trip just to see the look on their faces!

More from the trip below :)

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