Monday, 14 November 2011

5 more days!....

..... 'til our wedding part deux!

Things are coming along very smoothly and although this is crunch week, the stress levels have been relatively low (minus Sunday!). We have so many family and friends who are helping us out that it has been practically effortless. That combined with some frugal creativity, I think we might just pull this off!

One of our guests happens to be our caterer who is putting together a light menu of mini muffins, salmon and cream cheese rolls, and various cheese platters. I am baking up lemon 'n' poppyseed loaves as well as chive and cheese cornbread. My sister-in-law is making up her delicious hummus, and in addition to that we will have breads and meat platters. As well, we will be having hot brunch-like finger foods which include sausage rolls, mini quiche and a few other goodies! My brother-in-law will make his infamous sangria and we will also have mimosas and beer for our guests.

This week I will also be baking up our wedding favours which will be pink heart-shaped sugar cookies wrapped in a doilie envelope for the guests to munch on after brunch. We will have a basket of footie balls and other toys for the boys to play with their mates. Damien's friend James will be playing acoustic throughout the reception and my youngest sister-in-law will be making up a playlist in addition. We've hired 3 students from the high school my father-in-law teaches at who are specializing in hospitality, to serve food and drinks.

My other sister-in-law (there are many!) from Sydney will be doing our photography. We are both romantics at heart and detail-oriented, so I know she will do a great job. Dami's mate Johnno will be videotaping the ceremony for all y'all back home! He will also be our MC. Our flowers will be provided from the friendly florists down the road, who are so enthusiastic to put together our flower arrangements.  We couldn't ask for better help!
Now all we need is a nice sunny day for our picnic brunch and life will be grand!

After the brunch reception we will be heading to my in-laws for an after party and good ol' Aussie BBQ for whoever wants to come. There will be quite a few family members from out of town, so it will be a great chance to hang out with them.

All I need to figure out is how to do my hair --- I can't believe I don't have that thought up. Ah well, I will figure it out! Other than that, everything is pretty much set. We only had one glitch with the flowers --- we are unable to get ranunculas, so we are substituting them with some beautiful light pink carnations. I am usually not a fan of the flower, but these look surprisingly lovely and romantic!

Can't wait to post pictures and let you know how it all went! Just picture pink flowers, picnic baskets, doilies everywhere, twine, lace and hints of yellow and grey....

Be seeing you soon!

- Alex

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