Monday, 7 November 2011

Pumpkins, engagements & cupcakes

Happy belated Halloween everyone!

This wonderful holiday is not widely celebrated in Australia, which is pretty saddening. Since it is one of my favourite holidays, we decided to bring it to Melb! Before we found out I had to leave the country we planned to have a big Halloween party at our place, but unfortunately we had to cancel due to that. My thoughtful and loving parents sent us a whole care package of Halloween goodies for our party! Thanks again mom and dad! xo

While I was gone, Damien bought a pumpkin because he was so looking forward to carving it with me. I am proud to say that he carved his very first pumpkin and he was a complete natural at it!! Can't wait 'til next year to go crazy on carving pumpkins together!

Even though we had to cancel the party, we were able to celebrate a belated Halloween party this past weekend :) There were only four of us, but it was really nice. Our two guests, our friends Adam & Mardi, were just recently engaged so we wanted to do something for them. So it was sort of an engagement celebration with a Halloween twist!They are great people and we couldn't be happier for them :)

Below are some pics of our Halloween events!

The first time Damien felt pumpkin innards!
All photos: Life in Oz

Proud papa! He did the Ned Kelly mask idea (after his ancestor, Ned Kelly) with the typical pumpkin mouth

Our engagement/Halloween cupcakes

Got this inspiration from Martha Stewart. Thought the ghosts could be Adam & Mardi! We like to call it, "the ghosts of their single lives" ;)

Stacked books with scary titles: "Crime & Punishment", "Beyond Good & Evil", etc
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hi. Lexie, thank you so much for your lovely comment.
    I has been 3 months now I left Canada, and boy, I am really lovely that you were able to celebrate a bit of your favourite holiday! It is mine too, and my kids were a bit down, but I promise them next year we will have a party in our house.
    We don't know anyone here and it has been such an experience for all of us.
    Hope you have an amazing journey in Australia!
    Whenever you want to talk, please, feel free to write. I will be happy to email you back! Here is my contact:
    Hope is all well,
    Li :-)