Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Aussie Wedding - Previews & Preparations

It's hard to believe that Damien and I were married just over 4 months ago and in only a month we will be saying our "I do's" again for the Aussie crowd! How we managed to plan two weddings in two countries while managing an overseas move and settling into married life, all in 10 months, I don't know! But it's very exciting and we are really looking forward to our Australian celebration.

We are having a Blessing of the Rings ceremony on November 19, 2011 at 10:00 am at St. Mary's Seminary, the same seminary Damien went to for a year. Following the ceremony we will be having a picnic brunch reception on the seminary grounds! Guests will be assigned to groups and each group will have their own picnic basket which they can fill with our brunch buffet. We are so excited to be doing something different, yet so relaxing. We are also really excited for the ceremony which will be conducted by a good friend of Damien's, Father Christian. We are psyched for our musicians for the ceremony and the reception, two of Damien's talented friends with great voices and killer guitar skills! Our colour scheme is going to be coral pink, light pink, grey and a hint of yellow. We are having a spring wedding, so we hope the weather will act accordingly! Also funny how we are having two spring weddings in one year, yet one was in June and the other in November! Below are some pics to get an idea of what we are going to do for colours and decor.

Big hugs,


(Image from Life in Oz...)

I am so proud of myself! I found these gorgeous finds at the Salvation Army for under $19.00! English ironstone, glass from Denmark, a beautiful pitcher from Japan! I love thrift stores! These will work just fine with our picnic brunch.

(Image from Life in Oz...)

These are basically my decoration materials:

- picnic baskets
- doilies
- twine
- mason jars
- tin cans

+ flowers, ribbon & lace

(Image from Life in Oz...)

Our invites are pretty simple just like our decorations. I'm a firm believer in simplicity & it helps make things so much easier, especially when you are on a time constraint and a budget.

We are most likely going with various shades of pink ranunculus and a yellow wildflower

 (Colour images from

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Our Humble Abode

As some of you may know, finding a rental in Melbourne is tough stuff! We were blessed enough to find a place within 2 months. I have heard of some people searching for up to 5 months! It's not that there aren't places around to rent, it's just that it is very competitive -- but as a wise friend of mine here told me, just wait for the right time and it will find you! And it has!

Damien & I both love homes with character, we definitely aren't the modern type, so we lucked out finding a place with loads of it! Beautiful moulding in the lounge and the bedroom, an ornamental fireplace, unique storage cupboards, and gorgeous polished hardwood floors. We were very gratefult to Damien's parents for (1) putting us up for 2 months while we apartment hunted and (2) for the furniture they gave us. It all worked out quite well and the only pieces we needed to buy were couches and a side table. We could still use a coffee table and a tv stand (the one from the side of the road will do us for now!). I am finding lots of decorative items at the Salvation Army and other thrift stores for great bargains (thanks to my mum for teaching me to bargain shop!). We are lucky to have 3 within walking distance!

Anyways enough chat, I have posted some pics for you! Enjoy...

Much love,

- Alex

(All photos - Life in Oz...)



Our breakfast nook! We love this!

The moulding along the ceiling

Damien made this ladder! We used it as a make-shift bedside table, and it has sort of stuck!

Damien surprised me with this cute chalkboard from Typo! It's just a temporary until I can make or find a cool vintage one!


Nothing like curling up to Jane Austen on a comfy couch!

Really cool frames we picked up from the St. Kilda market made from recycled timber

 Lot's more left to do, but its a fun work-in-progress! I love home decorating, especially on a budget - it's more challenging that way! We could use some pictures on the walls and some throw pillows (convincing men that throw pillows are completely necessary isn't easy).

The next post will be on our wedding plans! Just over a month to go 'til wedding number two! Post soon...


Monday, 10 October 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My loving husband decided to cook me a Thanksgiving dinner knowing how much I value the holiday back home. We had potato & leek soup, roasted chicken with stuffing and roasted veggies! I cooked up a mean blueberry-apple crumble for dessert and the night was perfectly blissful with the in-laws!

I am so thankful for all of my family & friends, back in Canada and here in Australia. You are the greatest gift. I am also so thankful for my husband, my health, our home, food in the fridge, clothes on our backs and a safe country to live in. God bless you all!

Enjoy the turkey, time with family, pumpkin goodies & the fall leaves!!

Finally settled into the new place!

After months of searching for an apartment, we finally found one! An old art deco-style flat in a wonderful area called Balaclava! We couldn't be happier where we are, the neighborhood is everything we could've asked for. People are friendly, there are plenty of bakeries, fresh produce markets and cafes all around. Plus, we are close to the train and trams! We live on a very quiet street, and our neighbors are friendly and pretty quiet. We happen to live below an opera singer, so he likes to rehearse during the day which doesn't bother me a bit! The apartment is nice and spacious with lots of character, which we both very much love. It keeps very cool, so although it doesn't have A/C, I think it will keep quite cool on those 40 degree summer days :)

We made friends with the owners of a cafe at the end of our street the first day we moved! They lent us their umbrella when it was pouring rain out! Then we found out the restaurant beside that is owned by former classmates of Damien's! It's primarily a Jewish area, which means also lots of Russians and Ukrainians! Of course we happened to settle in the Slavic area! There are delis and bakeries which supply wonderful homecooked delishousness from my childhood! We are about a 25 minute walk to the beach which is fantastic! The other day an old friend of mine from Jasper and I met on the beach for drinks and it felt like we were in Cuba or somewhere in the Caribbean!  I think I can get used to that. Plus, in the bay we live nearby there are dolphins and penguins! How cool is that?!

I'm getting used to the area, and we love exploring it. It is different for me to be living in a big city, I do miss the freedom of driving out to the country whenever I want...or coming across orchards & vineyards within minutes of leaving my driveway... but this is where we are supposed to be at, and I am learning to embrace the now. Still have some days where I am homesick and missing everyone, but I am slowly settling in. Soon I will be able to work, which will make a big difference as well. The trick is to keep busy, and I don't know how I fill up my days, but I refuse to be bored, so I keep as busy as I can! I am loving being a wife and a homemaker! Although the homemaker part is temporary for now, I am really enjoying it! Although I am anxious to get back to work, I think I will miss this. Each day I am cooking a new recipe I have never tried, and you know what, I am not doing half bad! In fact, I am a pretty darn good cook if I do say so myself!

I will post some pics of the place soon! We still need a couple pieces of furniture, but we are doing good! I am a white antique furniture fanatic, while Damien likes a darker wood, so we have compromised a lot! Hope you enjoy our home, tomorrow night Damien has decided to cook me a Thanksgiving dinner  because he knows how much I love it! We are having his parents over which will be our first dinner guests! (We still only have 3 chairs!) Very exciting stuff! Will post soon! xx