Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Aussie Wedding - Previews & Preparations

It's hard to believe that Damien and I were married just over 4 months ago and in only a month we will be saying our "I do's" again for the Aussie crowd! How we managed to plan two weddings in two countries while managing an overseas move and settling into married life, all in 10 months, I don't know! But it's very exciting and we are really looking forward to our Australian celebration.

We are having a Blessing of the Rings ceremony on November 19, 2011 at 10:00 am at St. Mary's Seminary, the same seminary Damien went to for a year. Following the ceremony we will be having a picnic brunch reception on the seminary grounds! Guests will be assigned to groups and each group will have their own picnic basket which they can fill with our brunch buffet. We are so excited to be doing something different, yet so relaxing. We are also really excited for the ceremony which will be conducted by a good friend of Damien's, Father Christian. We are psyched for our musicians for the ceremony and the reception, two of Damien's talented friends with great voices and killer guitar skills! Our colour scheme is going to be coral pink, light pink, grey and a hint of yellow. We are having a spring wedding, so we hope the weather will act accordingly! Also funny how we are having two spring weddings in one year, yet one was in June and the other in November! Below are some pics to get an idea of what we are going to do for colours and decor.

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(Image from Life in Oz...)

I am so proud of myself! I found these gorgeous finds at the Salvation Army for under $19.00! English ironstone, glass from Denmark, a beautiful pitcher from Japan! I love thrift stores! These will work just fine with our picnic brunch.

(Image from Life in Oz...)

These are basically my decoration materials:

- picnic baskets
- doilies
- twine
- mason jars
- tin cans

+ flowers, ribbon & lace

(Image from Life in Oz...)

Our invites are pretty simple just like our decorations. I'm a firm believer in simplicity & it helps make things so much easier, especially when you are on a time constraint and a budget.

We are most likely going with various shades of pink ranunculus and a yellow wildflower

 (Colour images from

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