Sunday, 13 November 2011

Squeaky & adorable

On Friday night Damien and I took a walk down to the pier at sunset. We grabbed some Mackers (McDonald's) and headed down the boardwalk. It was a beautiful night, and St. Kilda came alive with the bright lights of Luna Park, the nightlife of Acland Street and the broadway show at the Palais Theatre.

All Photos: Life in Oz

We caught a beautiful sunset - actually, more like stunning! The weather was perfect and things couldn't have been better!

Just a regular catch....I am definitely not at Lake Ontario anymore!

 As we were walking down the pier we heard a little squeak in the rocks.....low and behold, this is what we found....

Little fairy penguins!

They seek refuge in the rocks at night here in St. Kilda

It's hard to see them clearly because we couldn't use flash, as it blinds them

This little guy quickly realized that wrappers aren't food :P

These two little chicks were waiting for their mamma to bring home the bacon!

We had heard from a friend that people had spotted penguins here, so we really hoped we'd see them, we are so thankful we did! Not far in Phillip Island, they charge tourists over $70 to see these guys come in at night. To think we have them in our backyard for free! Such a wonderful experience to see them, and we will definitely be back to visit.

After a beautiful sunset and penguin spotting, we decided to conclude the night with ice cream cones and a bottle of coke in a glass (because it just tastes better!) We became like kids again. There was nothing that could've made that night more blissful. (Ps, we do actually eat healthy on a regular basis!)

Luna Park

Yup, we're goobers!

For a more clear shot of these one and a half foot wonders, click here -->

Much love & big hugs!



  1. I have been to OZ more than 15 years ago! Your pics RE AMAZING, HUGHS ANJA

  2. Thanks so much! Your blog is incredible -- I love your pictures!

  3. maccas, a beautiful sunset, penguins... all this so close to you... your one blessed chicka :)

    love Ur blog. thanks for sharing it