Monday, 30 January 2012

What's been happening in January

Hello family & friends!

I hope you have had a wonderful January! Mine has been a busy one! The first week of January we had visitors from Canada over - Raquel and Karina! They stayed with us during their trip and bravely beared the intense heat we had. The first couple days they were here we had 40 degree days! It only went down to about 30 degrees at night, and let me tell ya, 4 people in a small flat with no A/C was quite an adventure, but we all survived and were troopers! The weather did a 20 degree drop the next few days, which was great for our outings, but intense nonetheless. They got a true taste of the weather extremeties in Melbourne!

We were able to see a lot while they were here -- including places I have never been before! We ventured to the Healesville Sanctuary where we fed a  baby wallaby named 'Waffles' who ate half his corn and was not shy at all! It's amazing how animals have such personalities --- this one was quite amusing. The next day we roadtripped out to the famous Twelve Apostles (which are now only 7!), walked along the major surf beach - Bells Beach, visited the penguins at night on the pier, and toured around the city. Check out some pics below:

All photos: Life in Oz

Meet Waffles!
Raquel with our little friend

He loved the sweet potatoes!

He didn't even reach our knees!

My Dami searching for sea creatures in the rocks!

The Twelve Apostles
Karina, Raquel, Me and Damien

The girls have since travelled to Adelaide for a wedding and to Sydney to explore the city. Damien left a week after to help faciliate a youth camp up in Healesville for just under a week. Youth camp is where he comes alive in faith and in leadership, a place where he can use his gifts and be a light for the youth. He is an amazing man and I love seeing him shine for God in his passions! We also found out that instead of the Diploma of Education he thought he applied for, he accidentally applied for his Masters of Teaching! We think it was a blessing in disguise because if we ever want to go back to Canada to live, he will be far more employable with a Masters, considering now they don't even look at you for teaching jobs unless you have a Masters. He's excited for this new step and to get back into study! I'm excited that he will be engaged in doing something he is so passionate about.

I've been keeping busy by searching for jobs and it hasn't been an easy ride. I struggle to not get discouraged at times and I remind myself that something will come along very soon, at the right and perfect time. At this point I've been applying anywhere and everywhere. I know something will come up soon, it's just a matter of trust and patience! (Something I think I will never master!)

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On a very exciting note, we are leaving in less than a week for our official honeymoon trip to Tasmania!!! Damien's cousin is lending us her campervan and we are taking a two week roadtrip around the island! We can't wait, I literally feel like a kid again getting excited for a trip -- it's such a good feeling :) I am looking forward to having quality time with my man, with no distractions, no phones and no agenda. We have a rough plan of places we'd like to go and things to see, but if we don't get to them, no worries, the most important thing is that we enjoy each day and really wind down. We're also looking forward to getting back to nature and letting our souls open up! We love hiking and canoeing and camping, and thankfully there are plenty of mountains and waterways in Tassie. A few of the things we hope to do are:

- Check out Cradle Mountain
- Kayak the D'Entrecasteux Channel
- Visit the Port Arthur Penal Colony & do the ghost tour at night
- Hike the Wineglass Bay route
- Climb The Nut
- Hire bikes and tour around Maria Island
- Explore the historical city of Hobart
- Delight in the Tamar Valley wineries
- Laze around on the beautiful East coast beaches
- Do the Tahune Forest Airwalk
- Visit the many charming and historial villages scattered around the island
- Tour inside King Soloman's caves
- Hopefully spot a Tassie devil & a sea eagle!
- And tons more!

We will be returning on February 19th and I can't wait to post some pictures for you -- I will probably be taking hundreds of them!

See you when we get back! Sending lots of love and hugs,


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