Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Meet "Gloria"

"The best Christmas trees come very close to exceeding nature.  ~Andy Rooney"

All photos: Life in Oz
 Last week we bought our first Christmas tree --- good ol' fashioned style! We grabbed our classic Christmas carol cd and hit the road to the country!

It was a hot, balmy 31 degree day and we sweated the whole way through, but it was fabulous! I never thought that would be possible when picking out a Christmas tree. I must say, I did miss wearing mittens and a toque - it just felt wierd wearing flip flops and shorts - but nonetheless, it was great.

The Christmas tree farm was exactly like the ones back home --- sans snow though. They had a barn full of Christmas ornaments to perouse through and instead of selling hot chocolate, they sold ice cold sodas! They even had a talking Cockatoo named George :)

 We took our time browsing through the field of pines, enjoying the beautiful aroma around us. There is truly nothing like the smell of fresh pine trees! I don't know what I'd do if Australia didn't have pines, it's one of my favourite scents. When we finally found "the one", the friendly staff sawed it down for us and had it bound while we browsed around the barn.

It now beautifully adorns our living room and our house is filled with the glorious fragrance. I have a habit of naming things, including Christmas trees. Two years ago my dad brilliantly named our tree "Spruce Springsteen"! How could I beat that?! This year we decided to name our tree "Gloria", it just seemed to fit! We just decorated her and she looks beautiful :) Pics are soon to come. In the meantime, enjoy the pics below of the Aussie Christmas tree farm.

Hope you all are having a beautiful Christmas season so far! Sending you lots of love from afar. Love always,



Amen, Prancer!


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